World AIDS Day

On the occasion of the ‘World AIDS Day (1st Dec. 2010), Bazaari Finance in co-ordination with the Jodhpur Network of Positive People (JNP+) initiated ‘AIDS Awareness Week (1_7 Dec.) in one of its branch, with the objective of creating awareness about AIDS among its loan clients.
During this week Bazaari Finance staff will educate its loan clients about causes and measures for protection and spread of AIDS at their respective Center Meetings, Trainings and loan disbursements at Branches.
During this program the representative of JNP+ interacted with the loan clients of Bazaari Finance on various issues related to AIDS. The loan clients were also given pictorial handouts and broachers (covering topics like “HIV can spread through” and “HIV cannot spread through”) for their benefits as well as to spread the word amongst their mates. The session was highly interactive that encouraged the clients to get involved and sort out their queries and concerns.
Mr. Ashish Bazaari (CEO, Bazaari Finance) highlighted that this campaign is part of the six “good life principles” of Bazaari Finance. Bazaari Finance has created special education awareness campaign on each principle which lasts a whole week. This campaign coincides with particular National and International awareness.

Bazaari Finance believes that with a little effort these fulfilled goals will help to build a better society and lead to enhanced business outcomes for their clients.

Jodhpur Network of Positive People (JNP+), is a social organization engaged in the work relating to creating awareness among people regarding prevention from AIDS.
Bazaari Finance is an NBFC which provides financial services for income generating activities to the socially and economically marginalized people.

Six Good life Principles of Bazaari Finance are:

1. Encouraging cleanliness and hygiene (World Health Day, April 7)
2. Creating awareness regarding pollution control and encouraging tree plantation (World Environment Day, June 5)
3. Creating awareness about drug abuse (International Day Against Drug Abuse, June 26)
4. Encouraging education of girls to at least secondary level (International Literacy Day, September 8)
5. Discouraging child marriage and female infanticide (National Children’s Day, November 14)
6. Creating awareness about HIV/AIDS (World AIDS Day, December 1)