Bazaari Global Finance Ltd. (Bazaari Finance) is incorporated under the provisions of The Companies Act, 1956 in the State of Maharashtra in the Year 1995 (No. 011-92330). The company is headquartered at Jodhpur, in the state of Rajasthan and its registered office is located in Mumbai. The Company registered with Reserve Bank of India as a Non Banking Financial Company (Non-deposit accepting) in the Year 1998 (No 13.00246).

The founder of Bazaari Finance, Rajendra Bazaari s/o Late Shri Ramratanji, belongs to the reputed group M/s Shankarlal Ramratan. The group began its working in the early 1950’s with transporting and trading of Petroleum Products. Members of second generation of the family own several Oil tankers and more than 20 Petroleum Retail outlets in various parts of Rajasthan.

While majority of the NBFC’s in the country are promoted by major conglomerates, Bazaari Finance developed on its own feet. Without the financial muscle of a mother company, we simply relied on the commitment and hard work our team.

Bazaari Finance has earned profits since inception and had been declaring dividend from the Year 2003-04. The company has reported a strong balance sheet every year since inception and has ambitious goals for the years to come.

As Bazaari Finance continues to grow and expand its outreach over the coming years, the company remains grounded in its values of Trust, Respect, Equality, Honesty and Service Excellence.