Good Life Principles

Good Life Principles of Bazaari Finance

  1. Encouraging cleanliness and hygiene
  2. Creating awareness of drug abuse
  3. Creating awareness of pollution control and encouraging tree planting
  4. Encouraging education of girls to at least secondary level
  5. Discouraging child marriage and female infanticide
  6. Creating awareness of HIV/Aids

Bazaari Finance requests that all its stakeholders to consider following these principles of a good life. These guidelines support personal and family well being; good health, empowerment and community building.

Bazaari Finance creates ongoing awareness about these principles. We have also created a special education awareness campaign on each principle which lasts a whole week. This campaign coincides with particular National and International awareness days for each principle.

During each special week our Staff members show related posters and discuss the principles in detail with our clients.

Bazaari Finance believes that with a little effort these fulfilled goals will help to build a better society and lead to enhanced business outcomes for their loan clients.