Board Room


Mr. Rajendra Bazaari
(Chairman & Managing Director)

Mr. Bazaari is the Founder and Chairman & Managing Director of the company and he is the major driving force behind the success of the company since inception.

He has more than four decades of experience in Financing, Accounting and businesses such as Oil and Petroleum Products retailing, Transportation, Textile, etc.

He manages the company with the guidance and support of the Board members and his area of expertise include Strategic Planning, Accounting and Relationship management.

He strongly believes that self-confidence, positive thinking, and constant effort can lead to great success.



Mr. Mahadev Ballani

Mr. Ballani is Vice-Chairman of the company and heads Audit Committee of the company.

He has more than four decade experience in State Bank Group at various positions ranging from Branch Manger to Deputy General Manager and his last assignment was as Chairman of MGB Gramin Bank. He has also chaired the committee for restructuring of regional rural banks, appointed by State Bank of India, reporting to Ministry of Finance.

He has rich experience and expertise in areas such as banking especially Rural, Agricultural, Finance, Administration and Human resources.



Mr. Ashish Bazaari
(Chief Executive Officer)

Mr. Bazaari is the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

He is a Post graduate in Finance and has in-depth knowledge of Financial Market encompassing Equity, Commodities, Derivatives, Currencies & Mutual Fund market. He has worked as a Research Associate in Portfolio Management Company and has deep-stick knowledge of technical & security analysis. He also has more than a decade experience in General and Life Insurance.

His area of expertise includes Strategizing Finance, Credit and Risk Management and Operations.



Mr. Ghewar Chand Kanungo

Mr. Kanungo is Promoter and Director of the company. He is based in Mumbai from last thirty years and has more than three decades of wide exposure in Textiles, Import and Export business and in Financing and Marketing of financial instruments.


Mr. Subhash Chand Lohia

Mr. Lohia has three decades of experience in Manufacturing, retailing of Oil and Petroleum Products, Restaurants. He presently owns five Petroleum retail outlets.