Knowledge Creation & Dissemination team

Bazaari Finance sees the importance in consistent and effective knowledge creation and dissemination. In order to ensure that we are serving our customers in the most effective way possible and truly enriching their lives, Bazaari Finance strives to maintain up-to-date and efficient operations through constant evaluation.

The goal of the evaluation department is to objectively assess the work of Bazaari Finance and provide accountability in the achievement of its objectives. Through such evaluation, the company can find out what results are being achieved, what improvements should be considered and what is being learned. This is achieved through a systematic and impartial assessment of Bazaari Finance’s programs and projects, including their design, implementation, and results.

Through such evaluation, Bazaari Finance demonstrates many key elements of good governance. Accountability is central to good corporate governance. To ensure that Bazaari Finance is working responsibly, the evaluation department continually reviews its operations to assess the company’s effectiveness, to learn from past experience and to improve the development of future projects. Further, Bazaari Finance models transparency in their work by independently reviewing operations and openly reporting the findings. Lastly, Bazaari Finance is able to achieve improved performance by learning from past experiences and improving on future operations. All of these demonstrate Bazaari Finance’s commitment to its customers and to improving their livelihood opportunities.

The knowledge creation and dissemination team consists of outside consultants as well as independent volunteers and interns. By surveying both customers and staff, the team works to reduce the gap between Bazaari Finance’s customers, staff and management. The team conducts periodic research regarding company’s current operations and subsequently implements changes where necessary. Evaluations are designed to produce relevant results, lead to action and contribute to effective decision making at all levels. Bazaari Finance values quality above all and strives to consistently be the best in the industry.

In addition to such evaluations, the team works to bring awareness to the organization regarding new technology and developments in the industry. By doing such, Bazaari Finance is able to stay current and efficient while passing on these benefits directly to the customer’s activities of its staff and the transactions of the organization.